The great majority of our labels start as photos on the internet and some photos came from radios that I own. Since you obviously can't scan a label that's attached to a radio, (that would help), the photos have to be manipulated in a paint program to resemble their original shape. We then open a new blank window beside the photo and spend hours recreating each and every detail often down to the pixel.  

The process

How we create these reproduction labels:

WE DO NOT SELL SCANS OR COPIES OF LABELS. We use photographs as reference and re-create each label from scratch.

What we do precisely is open the photo in a paint program, open a blank screen alongside the photo and draw every detail. As you can see by the samples at right, the detail is sharp and clean. This is the only way to get this level of quality. To be perfectly clear, in some cases we will use portions of the original chassis renderings and sharpen those portions  in order to speed up the process which results in the best possible quality reproduction labels available anywhere, GUARANTEED!

A portion of a Philco 37-60 Chassis & Patent lbl:As you can see: NOT SCANS or COPIES! MADE FROM SCRATCH!!!