At this time we offer many different label sets and many more different labels. All of which will eventually be displayed on this site.

We are adding label sets from time to time as they are ordered. Please favorite this site and check back often for your labels or email us and ask if it's coming.

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How I got started:

About nine years ago I was looking around a thrift store for antique furniture and came across what looked to be a very nice drop front secretary desk. When I opened the front I was surprised to find holes from a missing radio. I bought it (cheap) took it home and started researching it. The only identifying mark was on the escutcheon; it read, "Pooley." It turned out to be quite rare and I was hooked.


 I began buying and restoring some of these beautiful machines but I was dismayed to find that many of the labels could not be found. I started making my own and offering them on eBay. They sold. I made more. They sold. Now I'm proud to say hundreds of  radios have my humble contribution.  Hundreds of collectors and restorers can now TRULY say, "It's FULLY restored."